Receivable Savvy and Billtrust Join Forces to Prescribe the CFO’s Cure to Invoicing and Payments Insomnia

Webinar illustrates how smart financial executives can combine the latest technology with best practices to reduce DSO and drive Accounts Receivable efficiency

Atlanta, GA March 22, 2017 – Chief Financial Officers face never-ending pressure to cut costs, increase cash flow and ensure the protection of their business’s financial assets. CFOs have a lot on their plate, and Accounts Receivable challenges have proven especially difficult for them to solve given the costs and manual processes typically associated with invoice delivery, payment acceptance and cash application.

To discover how organizations can address this burden, join Receivable Savvy, the research and best practice resource for Order-to-Cash professionals, and special guest Ed Jordan, CFO at Billtrust, on Tuesday, April 25 at 2p.m. EST for the free webinar: Prescribing the CFO’s Cure to Invoicing and Payments Insomnia. In this webinar, Mr. Jordan will uncover key invoice-to-cash technologies and best practices that have helped businesses improve cash flow, lower DSO and reduce Accounts Receivable operating costs by over 35%.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Turn their organization’s invoice delivery process from a cost center into an efficient, well-oiled machine
  • Automate payments and reduce payment acceptance costs
  • Implement a strategy that optimizes virtual card processing, a fast-growing payment method
  • Optimize cash application match rates
  • Increase electronic adoption rates to accelerate payment speed and cash application.

Who Should Attend:

Chief Financial Officers and Controllers in addition to other senior executives, directors and managers in the areas of:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit Management
  • Cash Application


  • Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 2 p.m. EST


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About Billtrust

Billtrust accelerates cash flow by automating invoice delivery, invoice payment, and cash application. Companies can improve operational efficiency throughout the invoice-to-cash process with electronic invoicing and payments in a flexible, cloud-based solution. Finance executives and AR specialists love and recommend Quantum, Billtrust’s payment cycle management solution, for the remarkable cost savings, ease-of-use, and improved customer satisfaction rates.

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