Why the Global Process Owner is the ‘Go to’ Person in the Business

Used with permission from sharedserviceslink

Global Process Owners are viewed in many different lights, but the main one is as the ‘go to’ person in the business. Hear from Minoo Phanda, GPO O2C (Order-to-Cash), Unisys as she shares her thoughts as to why GPOs are the ‘go to’ person in the business. Minoo will delve into some of the projects she is leading as an O2C GPO and how she interacts with the rest of the business. She shares the positives and the negatives to this perception and how GPOs are helping transforming businesses for the better.

Listeners will discover:

  • How the GPO provides expertise to multiple areas in the business
  • How GPOs solve problems in areas such as providing information and quotes to customers
  • How GPOs help to facilitate better integration among various business units

Listen to the entire podcast HERE: