This webinar recording, How AR Efficiency is Fundamentally Linked to e-Invoicing Implementation, features special guest Michael Jasper, Head of e-Invoicing at Basware, the global leader in providing networked e-Invoicing and financing solutions.  During this webinar, participants were able to see how proficient invoice creation, delivery, compliance and customer acquisition all play a role in boosting Accounts Receivable productivity.

As indicated in the 2015 Receivable Savvy Perceptions Study, the four issues that are most important to suppliers when submitting invoices are getting paid faster (83%), reducing problems and exceptions (75%), getting the invoice delivered faster (73%) and confirming the customer received the invoice (69%). Webinar participants will see how these important issues are addressed through e-Invoicing implementation along with gaining customer visibility and interoperability as natural outcomes.

The webinar featured:

  • Step-by-step guide to truly electronic invoice creation and delivery
  • How legal, technical and process capabilities around e-Invoicing meet compliance requirements
  • How e-Invoicing can enhance customer acquisition and prospect reach

To download a copy of the presentation, click the link here: Webinar Presentation Deck.

For more information on Basware, visit their Website at Michael Jasper can be contacted via LinkedIn by going here.