The Myths Around Manual Processes, the Realities Around O2C Automation

Reprinted by permission of Amalto Technologies

When talking about manual processes, the big question is why do they still exist in Order-to-Cash and Accounts Receivable – especially today, when most everything appears to be moving toward automation?  We find that in relation to Accounts Receivable, everyone has a certain comfort level in doing things the way they’ve always done them; that comfort level often translates into what appears to be easier and those ideas of what’s easier begin to create myths around why some might shy away from automation.

Myths About Order to Cash Automation

One myth when considering a move away from manual processes is that there are perceived costs associated with moving into an automated world. Sometimes, those perceived costs seem to outweigh any benefits of moving to automation.

Another myth is that automation, along with cloud-based technology, is something that can’t be trusted. Because of these myths, some organizations believe that what they have in place is something that gives them a good handle on their operation and are fine with where they currently are.

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Bryan Pederson is Vice President of Operations and & Strategic Alliances at Amalto Technologies.